You Can Still Work On Your Online Jobs While Abroad

The gift has arrived. I am very glad that the delivery did not take to long like the other orders I did online.

Yes! My laptop has arrived. FedEx’s two-day delivery satisfies me and, of course, the seller whom I bought this gadget from. Now I can start setting up the Internet for travel use. My husband likes the Windows XP better and he is happy that the laptop has it. Also, the Microsoft Office programs are installed. With my laptop, I can still work on my online jobs while abroad.

Now, my husband is interested of buying a laptop too…for testing use on his side job. Well, who would not buy a very inexpensive laptop like this? It only cost me $ 179.00 with FREE shipping. A tech savvy gift for myself.

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Keyboard Shortcuts Are Helpful


I am so happy and relieved. You know why? Because I have finally removed the “paragraph” and spacing symbols in MS Word. My husband asked me if I did something wrong somewhere. But I did nothing. They just suddenly appeared when I opened the application one day and started typing. I was having a hard time recently figuring out how to make it disappear until today. I went to Yahoo! Answers and asked a question regarding this problem. Somebody named Phlebob responded to my question and helped me solved my problem. He told me to press CTRL+SHIFT+8 on the alpha keypad to turn them off. I quickly did that, and Voila! They’re gone. Thanks to you Phlebob.

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