There Is Confidence In Looking Great

I am a woman and I love shopping.  Besides shoes, apparel and accessories, I love buying lingerie…sexy lingerie.  Though I have been through pregnancy, my body needs a little shaping. 🙂

Looking great whenever I go somewhere makes me feel confident.  I feel good if I wear a nice lingerie like a seamless shape wear cami bra.  My size small blouses and tees fit really well on me.  And because it is a shape wear, there shows some curves.  I love my new cami bra, it is the Best Body shaper for me.  There is no need to bring lots of bra because the seamless shape wear works 3-in-1 whenever I am on a trip.

When I Have Extra Money On Hand

The plan of getting a haircut at the mall was postponed the moment I saw the new price. The haircut price has increased to $ 3.00. I said to myself, I will just wait until we get to Tyler this weekend because my mother-in-law suggested to let her daughter trim my hair.

I ended going to Dillard’s Department Store for they have up to 70% Off Sale. I was thinking of buying new lingerie so I went to the Intimate Apparel department. I got some good deals on brassiere and sleepwear. Darn! This is what happens when I have extra money on hand, I tell you.

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My Favorites from Victoria’s Secret

I got some stuff from Victoria’s Secret today. My desired perfume was in a good deal so I grabbed a set without thinking twice. Victoria’s Secret has good quality of women’s apparel, lingerie, cosmetics, perfume products and more. One of my favorite scents is the Dream Angel’s Heavenly and is America’s No. 1 fragrance. It has a very soothing and sexy scent that will turn your senses on. Victoria’s Secret has great selection of pretty and stylish undergarments. I do love their shirts and sleepwear too.