White Sand Beach Resort

Kalanggaman beach in Kalanggaman Island Polompon, Leyte
Kalanggaman beach in Kalanggaman Island Polompon, Leyte – Photo credits to my cousin.

A lovely day to spend at the beach is during Spring and Summer.  The breeze from the sea feels very relaxing and makes your mind wander.  The sound of the waves splashing on the shore seems like inviting you to play with them as they are racing towards you.  The seagulls flying over makes you wonder if they get tired of flying and strolling on the shore for food.  The white sand brightens more as it reflects the warm sun light.  All of these serene things are worth seeing and feeling at the beach.

If given the opportunity right this moment, I would like to go to a white sand beach.  Specifically to Kalanggaman Island beach resort in Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte.  It has been recently that the locals discovered this very beautiful beach in the island.  Now it is gaining popularity as seasons go by.

My cousins just went there during there three-week long vacation to the Philippines.  I was very jealous because I wanted to go with them but me and my family already have planned a vacation in two years.  I am looking forward to visiting the beach resort.

A Serene Place In The Country

I miss this place.

This photo was taken seven years ago during me and my husband’s visit to my neighborhood in my hometown in Leyte, Philippines.  The picture shows how green the surroundings is.  We call our neighborhood Riverside because we are situated by the river called Kanawagan.  I remember when I was younger the river was wide and its currents were strong that it was difficult to cross.  Because of the drought the river has gone low and moved farther.  You see those rocks and the cleared area?  That’s the riverbed.

My parents, siblings, and I used to cross this river to go to my grandpa’s farm to harvest some vegetables, fruits, and root crops.  We also bathe and do our laundry here too.  Walking alongside the riverbank we can pick up some firewood from the fallen branches of the trees and coconuts.  Some nights, there are a few young guys and men (neighbors) will go fishing in the river.

But now, the river is not healthy anymore.  It is getting low and polluted.  There’s a power plant way up there in the mountains and disposing waste.  I am not completely sure where they release their wastes but somehow parts of it go to the rivers.  I wonder how this place looked after the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)?

Vacation Pictures: Tropical Beauty

Vacation in the Philippines Photos

Baybayon ni Agalon Resort Hotel in Albuera, Leyte

The tropical beauty

Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City, Leyte

My younger sister and me

The children in the family. Oh I love ’em so much!

Pictures are taken during our vacation but we took videos mostly. ‘Will try to put one on here soon as I figured out how to upload videos on the Internet.

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