I love comedy movies and I enjoy inside the moviehouse. Sci-Fi, action-adventure, and scary movies are in my list of favorites too. And when I find the movie hilarious, I will watch it.
We watched Kung Fu Panda this weekend. It is a hilarious and fascinating. This animated movie from Dreamworks is a combination of martial arts, fantasy, and humor. We can’t help laughing from start to finish. Another reason why I like this movie is because Jacky Chan’s voice is featured in one of the “Furious Five” warriors. Yes, you are right. The featured voices for the characters are:

Actor — Role

Jack Black — Giant Panda
Dustin Hoffman — Master Shifu
Ian McShane — Tai Lung
Randall Duk Kim — Grand Master Oogway
Jackie Chan — Monkey
Angelina Jolie — Tigress
David Cross — Crane
Dan Fogler — Zeng
Seth Rogen — Mantis
Lucy Liu — Viper
James Hong — Mr. Ping
Michael Clarke Duncan– Commander Vachir

There is a lot of fun in this film and we really had a good time at the theater. I think you too will enjoy it.