Long Line At The Immigration

My cousins Emz and Neldz and their families are back from their three-week long vacation to the Philippines.  We picked them up at the airport two weeks ago.  We booked a hotel room the day before their arrival so we won’t be in rush going to the airport early in the morning.

It was a cool damp morning and good thing it wasn’t raining because my husband and I were driving separate vehicles.  He was driving my cousin’s pick up truck that they let us drove back to their house to save them parking fees at the airport, and I was the one driving our car.  That was the very first time I drove to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport and I was glad it wasn’t raining because I hate driving in the rain especially on busy roads going to the airport.

Korean Air’s arrival from Cebu, Philippines was 8:35 A.M. that Tuesday.  So we gave it about an hour because baggage claim, immigration, and security checks can take long.  We got there at about 9:40 A.M. I thought  my cousins will be heading out any minute.  According to the screens display of live flight status information at the arrivals area, they landed on time.  (Hurray for Korean Air!) Since we knew that they’re already landed and assuming they were lined up for security check, I tried giving my cousin a ring and left a voicemail.  A few minutes after she called me back saying they were still in line at the immigration area.  Uh oh!  My husband said it’ll be another hour or so before they’ll show up.  He was right.

It was great to see my cousins and their families again.  Emz and Neldz looked very tired.  I know the feeling.  🙂

Paying Our Tickets With Tax Refund

Besides the fact that it is Spring  season, it is also the season of filing income taxes here in the US.  The deadline is usually April 15.  This year, 2012, the deadline is extended until April 17 to accommodate holidays or severe weather conditions.

We submitted our tax report and fortunately we have tax  refund for the year 2011.  With the use of an online tax filing software, we already knew the amount of the refund we’ll be receiving.  Like I said before, the money from our tax refund is going to be used to purchase air tickets for our vacation this year.

Tax money from refund can do lots if we use it wisely.

1.  Travel and vacation

2.  Tuition fees payment

3.  Home repairs

4.  Home upgrade

5.  Shopping items from personal wishlist

6.  Gadget upgrade

7.  Baby stuff

…and just about anything important that we already thought of allocating.

In my situation, the money is intended for the tickets before the tax filing.  My husband assumed that we will get a refund.  And yes we did!  We are very happy because the flights are booked in Korean Air.  What we have to save for now is the expense money.

How about you?  If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, better do it before the deadline comes.

Cheap Tickets

So, I was granted the K-1 Visa.  When I received it in the mail together with my other immigration documents and passport, I had my plane tickets issued immediately the next day.  I was very excited.  My fiance was very anxious for me to be with him.

I payed about $700 including the taxes for a one-way ticket to Dallas, Texas via Korean Air.  That was four years ago.

I have been scouting cheap air tickets for a week while waiting for my visa to arrive.  See, in buying tickets, you have to try almost all kinds of resources to get cheap international flights.  Checking and inquiring from, let us say five travel agencies, is better than comparing flight rates with two.  Online booking also helps.  But if you do not have a credit card and you feel unsecured with online booking transactions, better book your flights and buy tickets in a travel agency or go to the airline office itself.  When I had my tickets on hand, I was in the midst of mixed emotions.  When I got my tickets, I thought, there’s no turning back.  The moment of truth has arrived.  I’ll be leaving my country and family to be with the man I love.