Put A Smile On Your Face: 20th Anniversary Gift

It’s the middle of the week and I have something to lighten up the day. Relax and take it easy everyone.

Two older gentleman were talking and one said to the other, “You’re having an anniversary soon, right?” The other replied,

“Yup, a big one… 20 years.”

“Wow,” said the other, “what are you going to get your wife for your anniversary?”

The other replied, “We’re going on a trip to Australia.”

“Wow, Australia, that’s some gift!” said the other man. “That’s going to be hard to beat. What are you going to do for your 25th anniversary?”

“Go back and get her.”

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Joke of the Day: Generous

Let us put a smile on our faces. Sharing with you a joke forwarded to me by a friend today.


So, a gay man goes to church one Sunday.

As the offering basket is passed, he drops in a big wad of bills.

When the basket gets back to the minister, he notices the wad of money and announces “Someone here was very generous in the offering today. I would like to ask the person who gave this large amount of money to please stand.”

The gay man stood up.

The minister continued, “Well, sir, we certainly do appreciate your generosity. And to show our appreciation, I’m going to let you select your favorite hymns.”

“Okay,” the gay man replied, “I’ll take him, him, him, and him!”

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Put a Smile on Your Face

Smiling helps take the wrinkles away. It also gives a fresh aura to our face and light feeling to our mood. There are so many reasons to smile. And here are my jokes of the day in English version.

Son: Be careful with the DANKTRUCK Dad!.
Dad: What’s a danktrak?
Son: It is a truck with 10 wheels used for hauling sand.
Dad: Stupid! It’s not a dantruck…it’s a TEN MILLER!
Math Class…
Teacher: Brad, if I have a piece of meat and divide it in half, how many pieces it’s gonna be?
Brad: Two pieces M’am
Teacher: What if I divided both in halves?
Brad: You have four pieces M’am
Teacher: I divided them all again
Brad: You have eight pieces.
Teacher: ‘Divided them again
Brad: 16 pieces
Teacher: …and again
Brad: It will be 32 pieces
Teacher: What if I divided that 32 pieces into halves again?
Brad: 64 pieces (smiles)
Teacher: Then I divided them all twice again?
Brad: My goodness! You already have ground meat M’am…ground meat!
FROG: What does my future hold?
FAIRY: You’ll meet someone who wants to know everything about you.
FROG: Great! Will I meet her in a party?
FAIRY: No…in biology class

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