Alone On Valentine’s Day

Yes you read it right. I am alone on Valentine’s Day…at work. My co-associates in customer service are off. Well, C is on a one week vacation with her husband (they are in Louisiana). And K is on a day off. I am swamp but I am doing well in my job, as always 🙂

My big boss said, “how did it happen you are by yourself on a Sunday and Valentine’s Day? But I see you handle everything well. That’s good!”

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How Positive And Negative Criticism Can Help You Become More Efficient

Criticism is just normal in a workplace. Positive criticism should be taken as they are and negative criticism should be taken as a challenge so we can improve ourselves more, and let our colleagues (especially the critics) see how effective and efficient we are in our jobs. By taking these negative criticisms in a positive way, we make ourselves more enthusiastic in doing our job. What matters is that, we have a good job record. This way we continue to strive and reach for our ambition to succeed.

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