Cool Morning Rain

I heard thunderstorms this morning that wakes me up. Then it started to rain very hard. It is cool outside and I feel good because it was very hot and humid the past few days. The rains somehow relieved the heat for a bit.
Looking outside the glass window, I cannot help remembering the experiences I had on rainy days like this when I was working in Manila. I should wake up early and prepare myself to go to work so that I won’t get stuck in heavy traffic. My boarding house in Caloocan was five minutes away from the highway so the only way to get there is taking a tricycle or a jeepney.
Tricycle is works better for me to take since jeepneys used to wait for the seats to be full of passengers. Once in the highway, I try to find a place to cover me out of getting totally wet because rain waters are about four to five inches deep from the ground. Workers, students, shoppers, and ordinary employees like me is rushing to catch a ride in a bus or jeepneys whenever possible. Some umbrellas are folded and worn out because of people bumping to each other as they hop in to the buses and jeeps. But it doesn’t matter to me. As long as I get the chance, I rush in to the bus and get my ride of about an hour to work with wet pants and shoes. I will just deal with the colds later.
That’s how it goes with me in six years of working in Manila. I strive rain or shine.