Honey Liked the New Home Scent

Remember my post regarding the air freshener sample given to me by Renuzit TriScents? We already plugged it in at the house this weekend. I like the fragrant combination of the three scents. The morning when my honey entered the house after doing the yard work, he said “Honey, I like that fragrance. The house smells clean and I feel fresh. They will be getting a good feedback here.” And it is true. The scent combination is mild and soothing. Same as what Shawie told me in her comment recently, you will feel good as the very refreshing smell of Renuzit TriScents occupies your house.
This is not a sponsored post.

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What’s for Dinner?

As always, my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night while in front of our television watching Ninja Warrior. I prepared a very delicious “pork nilaga” (boiled pork with vegetables) paired with steamed rice. The soup was good that we couldn’t help putting rice in our plates. It gives me an uplifting feeling when my husband thanked me once in a while for the great dinner. He loved it!
After that, we went to the back porch of the house and relaxed ourselves. We hardly breath because our bellies were so full. It was a satisfying meal. And my husband said, “Baby, I am thinking of giving you a treat.”
Hhhmm…I wonder what it is. He said it’s a surprise.

The Toughest Role

Thinking about the upcoming occasions next week makes me feel emotional. Yes, emotional. Why? Because on Wednesday next week, June 11, is my dear father’s birthday. And on Sunday is Father’s Day. It’s always a double celebration for us!
For me, my father Roger is a wonderful father. Even though he’s just an ordinary worker, he makes it sure that his family is well-taken care of. He brought us up in fairness and proper discipline. I misunderstood him sometimes when I was growing up. He got strict that for me is unreasonable. But as I get older, I understand the reason why. Now that he has grandchildren, I can see in his eyes how much he loves them. I miss my Tatay…and my Mama too. Now that I am far away from home, with a new family, the inspiration that my father has given us will always remain in my heart.

Let’s face it, fathers have the toughest role in the world. Aside from working hard to keep their family intact, fathers carry great responsibility as far as family welfare is concerned. Children look up to their fathers for advice…mothers are always beside these great men to support their wise decision-making. Although our fathers give us hard time sometimes, it doesn’t mean they don’t care for us. In fact, they love us.

Cheers to all the fathers all over the world! And Happy Birthday to my Tatay!