Cayman Islands: A Tropical Paradise

First seen by Christopher Columbus, Cayman Islands is a tropical paradise that offers wonderful adventures for the entire family. Made up of three islands, the Cayman Islands are perfect for outdoor activities in a warm, sunny climate most of the year. You can explore some the world’s most beautiful beaches in a laid back, tropical atmosphere.

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Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach, on the western shore of Grand Cayman, is a favorite destination for locals and visitors. This beautiful sand and coral beach has been named by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine as the best beach in the Caribbean. Seven Mile Beach is lined with lovely resort hotels and Cayman Islands residential rentals, great restaurants, and beach bars where you can relax and enjoy Caribbean cuisine and nightlife. Whether you prefer a delicious gourmet dinner or a cookout on the beach, Seven Mile Beach offers beautiful Rem Services amenities with tropical island ambiance.

Stingray City

Located in the northwest corner of Grand Cayman, you’ll find Stingray City on the North Sound. If you enjoy diving and snorkeling, you don’t want to miss this beautiful beach. With warm, shallow waters that are crystal clear, you can experience stingrays in their natural habitat year-round. Stingray City is a popular destination for underwater adventurers who enjoy the beauty of nature at its finest. While snorkeling, you can actually feed hungry stingrays who will eagerly take food right out of your hands. The stingrays are used to underwater visitors and greet them with a gentle approach and curiosity.

Rum Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet adventure off the beaten path, venture to Grand Cayman’s Rum Pointe. This beach offers astounding natural beauty with clear, blue waters and white sandy beaches. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a quiet walk on the beach or a Caribbean sunset. Located on the north side of the island about 40 minutes from George Town, Rum Pointe offers visitors relaxing lounge chairs and hammocks to soak up the sun or nap in the shade. There are also boat rides where you can take a look at the beach from the water.

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If you’re looking for a beautiful, tropical destination, Cayman Islands is the perfect place. Year-round warm weather, crystal clear waters, and cool ocean breezes will engulf you and provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy this tropical paradise.

If You Are Traveling This Holiday Season

Happy December, everyone!  It’s Christmas time.  How are you preparing for the Holidays?  Are you traveling to see dear families?  We did three years ago.  We had a Christmas vacation to the Philippines in December 2012.  It was our first time to go together as a family and spend Christmas season with my family back home.  It was a very nice time because we had a great weather all throughout our three weeks vacation.  My parents, siblings, niece, and nephews were very happy to meet my darling K in person for the very first time.  And my sister-in-law, my brother’s wife, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on December 30th.  So we were able to see and meet her too before we flew back here in the US.


Though traveling with a toddler can be stressful and tiring, my dear husband and I managed to keep our calmness.  Our daughter began feeling uncomfortable when we landed in Manila.  I assumed it was because her sleep on the plane was disturbed – we landed at midnight – and we had to wake her up to get through security checks and stuff.  It was humid and sort of hot in the arrival area that moment because it was very crowded. After we got all our luggage and got on the taxi taking us to our hotel, my darling daughter started to settle down and feel okay.

Anyway, if you are traveling international this Christmas season, be prepared with flight delays and other unavoidable circumstances.  Keep your cool.

Don Felipe Hotel – Convenience And Affordability


The Holidays are just around the corner and whenever I feel the cold breeze when November comes I couldn’t help but think of Christmas.  I see Christmas decorations on display in stores and it makes me feel cheerful.  And it always reminds me of our first Holiday vacation.

I remember when my family and I were on vacation in the Philippines two years ago.  It was our first trip there during the Holidays.  We stayed at Don Felipe Hotel and Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City, Leyte and visited my parents and my siblings twice a week.  We also had my baby sister and niece wish us in the hotel to keep us company on weekends.  The first two weeks of our vacation was very busy.  So the remaining two weeks was very laid back and relaxing.

Port of Ormoc City. View from the 6th floor of Don Felipe Hotel.
Port of Ormoc City. View from the 6th floor of Don Felipe Hotel.


Don Felipe Hotel in Ormoc City is an old hotel but the rooms are maintained very well.  When we were there in December 2012, there was a repair going on but it didn’t affect the service.  The room rates are very affordable.  The staff were very friendly and helpful.  I saw two students (from the school I worked before) working in the front desk.  It was very nice to see them again.  The hotel restaurant was cozy and the food was great.  The food price was reasonable, too.  The hotel is located in front of the Ormoc Bay.  It’s location is very ideal because it’s very close to the market, grocery stores, and transportation – bus terminal, jeepney terminal, ferry boats, and utility vans.  Because the transportation terminals are right across the road where the hotel is, expect the noise when you go out to the veranda. 🙂

I lived in Leyte for years but that was the very first time I stayed in Don Felipe Hotel.  I highly recommend this hotel if you choose convenience and affordability.