Back To Shopping Again

Oh boy! I got fascinated with shopping again. ‘Been visiting the department stores lately (from my doctor’s appointments). The stores are just a couple of minutes away from the clinic. Besides shopping for baby stuff, I am starting to buy gifts for the holidays. Well, I think I should. There is a limited time for me to prepare for gifts in December because most of my attention will be with my newborn baby girl.

I did not spend too much on shopping gifts but, I want to buy some more later.

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Seasonal Work Load

Seasonal work loads like we have in customer service is tiring of some sort but it is also enjoyable. Though we encounter situations where customers rushed at the counter with tons of merchandise to have gift wrapped for FREE and spend time itemizing, the customers give us cheer as they talk/share their shopping plans for the holidays. Besides the routine in our workplace, we do sales too.

Once in a while, we get tips from customers who appreciate our hard work on gift wrapping. Tips which we can use in buying refreshments on long working hours these holiday season. Of course, we are very thankful for that. We do the best we could to give good customer service.

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