Buy And Sell

I have been always wanting to do this-selling purses and shoes on  I started my buy and sell activities on eBay in 2008 when I first got here in the US.  The first few months of my arrival was quite boring because I was in the process of adjusting my residence status and I did not have the authority to work yet.  So to make my time worthwhile while waiting for the Adjustment of Status approval, I joined eBay.  I set up a seller’s account.  It was easier than I thought.

The first item I sold was a pair of  ladies shoes.  The shoes was sold on a very good price.  But what has got me was the shipping cost.  It happened that the extra money I had from the sale covered the shipping cost.  So, I did not gain any cent from the sale.  That was a little disappointing.  I learned that I can ship sold items to the buyer in a cheaper and faster way thru a postal service.

I temporarily stopped online selling when I got pregnant in 2010.  There’s no way I can manage my online tasks.  I was very focused on my pregnancy.  When I was fully recovered from the delivery and my little angel began bottle-feeding, I continued selling again last year.  Now, buying and selling on eBay has become a part of my lifestyle.  The extra money I get from the sale adds to the travel budget for the upcoming vacation.

Money In Hobby

While waiting for her employment authorization, my cousin E would like to have something to be busy with. What interest her right now is doing the embroidery. She knows how to sew and she has skills in embroidery.

I told her that she can make money with it. Actually there are many cool things she can sell like embroidered shirts, hats, and personalized table mats. will help her in the process of choosing or making the designs and stuff. This way, embroidery will be very easy for her. Also this will help E to get rid of the boredom at home on weekdays. Who knows, embroidery will become her business in the future.

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