Have You Been To A Sauna?

When I was visiting blogs I hopped into Shauna’s blog. I find it intriguing so I browsed and read further. Her blog’s concept is about health and wellness. In her recent post, she was talking about the health benefits of using Infrared Home Saunas. She is saying that just sitting inside the Infrared Sauna helps weight loss, improves skin appearance and blood circulation. And doctors say that sweating prevents the risk of getting cancer. These apparatus are like a small wooden room with a number of infrared heaters inside. The infrared heaters generate radiant energy (same as from the sun’s heat) only without the harmful UV rays. So you get the heat just enough to activate your sweat glands.

It appears to me that Shauna’s blog, Sex in the Sauna, is inspired using her experiences and adventures as a woman. You know what I mean. So I am notifying you ahead that you should be mature enough dealing some of her blog contents.

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