Traveling Can Be Exhausting Sometimes

Sometimes traveling can be exhausting especially if you are traveling for business. Stress and weakness due to long trips and late nights can cause our body to get over-fatigued.  A nice way to reduce stress and body aches is to have a massage.  There are massage places in the mall where you can walk-in for a massage service.  You can also set an appointment ahead of time.  Massage time can range to 30 minutes to an hour depending on the need.  There is a full body massage that is really great.  Do you like a hard massage? You can request that too.  I go for a gentle full body massage for 30 minutes.  It feels really great after.


Be Health Conscious When Traveling

I have been very busy for a while since the 4th of July.  Well, besides frequent out-of-town travels, my darling daughter and I have been sick.  Actually, she had cough and colds for about three weeks (thankfully she didn’t get any fever).  Within that three weeks we went to her doctor and was prescribed antibiotic for ten days.  Thanks God the medicine helped take away the cough.  I took cough syrup for mine and it’s gone.

It’s not comfortable to travel when you are sick.  Of course, if  you don’t feel really well there is no need to go or you just have to cancel all your travel plans.  We don’t want to compromise our health.  If you are taking prescription med, always take them with you as you travel.  And it is recommended to ask your doctor about health conditions before traveling especially if you will be gone for a long period of time.

Anyway, me and my darling daughter are taking it easy.  We don’t go out as much as we do before we caught cough and colds.  We are resting as much as possible.  But we do not forget to play outside the house for entertainment and exercise.

I Need To Get Things Done Before The Trip

Well, I got a head congestion and it’s giving me a headache.  I doubt it was from the pollen at the Butterfly Festival.  I am not feeling too good right now.  But I need to get some things done in the house because we are going out-of-town tomorrow.  There is still laundry that needs to be finished and a few clutters to be put away.  In addition, there I will run errands today too. So I have to take a pain relieve ASAP.

Life here in the US is not always easy.  You have to do things yourself.  It is expensive to hire a house cleaner, you know.  It is not a paradise.  You have to work hard like a water buffalo to earn money.  Plus the homesickness?  Makes me want to fly home, right now!