Message Relay

What I love about parties is having fun with games. Of course there is singing and dancing too. At the Valentine’s Party we attended Friday day night, we played some games for fun. The game was message relay. The message was “To make the relationship work, let us love and forgive.” I was the third person in the girls’ group to relay the message…I made it clear and complete. But when it came to the last person to utter, the message became “To make the relationship work, let us forgive.” The boys group’s message went like this “To make the relationship work, let us love and forget.” (Laughs!)

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Unique And Enjoyable Company Christmas Party

Party, party, party! Yes I attended a party! Actually it was my honey’s company Christmas party held in Grapevine. It was a freezing night so I wore the coat my mother-in-law gave me weeks ago. It indeed kept me warm that night.

We had a free buffet dinner at Cozymel Restaurant. After we had our bellies full, we head to the party venue by a shuttle van. The place was simply decorated but full of surprises. I met my honey’s boss, colleagues, and his officemates’ wives too. The food was good and the drinks were awesome. The theme was “Las Vegas” party. What is the first thing you have in mind when you think of Las Vegas? Casino! Right. There are plenty of casino games at the party-Bingo, Craps, Rollet and others. I played Bingo. My honey won it twice. I was a bit frustrated because I bought three cards and he had only one. But I continued playing. Finally I won the last game (the fifth game)! There was no money involved in the games at the Christmas party. Everybody was given free chips. Then all the remaining and winning chips were changed to coupons for the raffle draw.

Employees who attended the party got their souvenirs. It was the first Christmas party I attended here and I tell you I had so much fun. Oh I love attending parties!

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Staying Fit While Having Fun

The Filipina I met three months ago invited me to her apartment on her day-off from work. She lived in the apartment complex just across the street where ours is located. She had been telling me about the toy that she and her husband bought online. At her place, she excitedly showed her newly bought Nintendo Wii. The reason for her invitation was she wants to play it with me.

I was amazed playing with the Wii Fit, it was like I am playing an actual game but doing some exercise at the same time. I think it is a good exercise routine in the mornings. For busy individuals, looking for alternative exercise seems time consuming. So getting the famous Nintendo Wii Fit might be accommodating since there are cheap, affordable Wii games online. To me, buying them online is convenient rather than looking around for price comparison with retailer stores.

Wii Fit is a combination of fitness and fun, designed for everyone who likes to work towards personal goals of better health, fitness and fun for all the family. I always wanted to have one of those Nintendo Wii games. My friend has given me the idea.

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