I Love Buffet

Every other weekend, our family enjoys dining in buffet restaurants.  This time we are able to visit the Panda’s Super Buffet in McKinney.  It is located by Hwy 75.  The restaurant has lots of food selection.  Like any other Chinese buffet restaurant, the Shrimp dish and Lo Mein are good.

Panda's Super Buffet

 delicious food at the buffet

If you go buffet dining, you eat all you can in a restaurant on a fixed price (usually not higher than $10.00 and drinks not included).  Have you been to a buffet lately?

It Costs You A Plenty Of Time

As I was on my way to the get-together Christmas party, I realized that I did not bring any food.  So I panicked because I am few minutes away from the host’s house and was still looking for a fast food chain where I can buy at least a bucket of fried chicken or something.  I saw one but the drive-thru had a long line.  I used my GPS to find a grocery store close to where I was at.  Then I found Kroger.  A GPS really helps with directions.  Quickly, I picked a desert and hit the road after check-out.  The party had already started  when I got there.

It is a real embarrassment when you forget something for a special event.  It costs you a plenty of time.

Create Your Own Secret Menu

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ampm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Whenever I am on the go, and suddenly struck by hunger, a convenient store gets into my mind immediately. Because it is the only place where you can buy snacks or ready-to-eat packed foods, convenient stores usually become the hang-out area of students and ordinary employees like me.

What I like about a convenient store (besides being convenient, of course) is that it has (sometimes) a small place for customers to dine in. Not a lot but the food is affordable and tasty.

I remember a friend took me to an ampm store for a snack. I was so excited because it was a new experience for me. The store has a lot to offer when it comes to food and drinks. My friend told me that the store is looking for new menus. What I have to do is make my own concoction in the store and submit the finished menu. As part of the experience, I tried it (there’s no harm with that). I took a picture of my creation and I successfully submitted my recipe to ampm in the secret menu tab in Facebook. I hope my concoction will be included in the store’s menu. That would be awesome!

You too can make your own concoction. Just click on the secret menu tab on the Facebook page of ampm and share it with us!

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