7 Best Places To Travel In 2014

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Tired of your travel agent recommending the same places every year? Looking for something a bit different this time around? Here are some of the best and most beautiful locations for the global jet-setter in 2014.

1: Hokkaido

Located on the northernmost tip of Japan, Hokkaido is known for its beautiful snows and luxurious hot springs. The province is also cheaper than Tokyo but more interesting than Osaka, making it a nice alternative to more conventional destinations in the Land of the Rising Sun.

2: Nicaragua

Settle into a beach bungalow in Nicaragua for a tropical vacation better than any of your daydreams. Go swimming and surfing in its clear, sky-blue waters; catch up on your reading in its gently-swaying hammocks; enjoy cheap lobster and cocktails in its restaurants on the beach.

3: South Africa

2014 is a great year to visit South Africa. Between the affordable markets of Cape Town and the historical monuments of Johannesburg, it’s a great way to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela while also enjoying all the fun of a trip abroad.

4: Uruguay

Another great beach destination, Uruguay is low-key and relaxing, perfect for the office worker ready to get away from the daily grind. You’ll have your pick of everything from mud masks in local spas to horseback riding along the coast!

5: Bolivia

From the bustling streets of Sucre to the desolate salt flats of Uyuni, Bolivia is full of sights and sounds that you simply can’t get anywhere else but South America. If you’re looking for a unique, unusual vacation, contact an agency like Adventure World and start planning your trip right away.

4: Iceland

Bundle up and head to Iceland for a trip you’ll never forget. Not only can you see the Northern Lights from Reykjavik, a stunning experience in its own right, but between the friendliness of the people and the extent of the country’s restaurants, theaters and art galleries, you might just enter Iceland and never want to leave!

7: Russia

Though it recently gained widespread attention for hosting the Olympic Games, Russia has long been a favorite of travelers who enjoy good food, grand architecture and plenty of vodka. Book a flight and raise a toast to great savings and an unforgettable holiday!

If you’re ready to go off the beaten path this year, here are just seven locations worth the trip. Travel is often about timing just as much as attractions, but rest assured that these spots are perfect for 2014.

Have You Traveled Lately?

Have you traveled lately?  Have you gone to the place you have been dreaming of visiting and had a great vacation?  I hope so.  Because going on a vacation is one of the best rewards you can give to yourself.  Going places of interest in Europe, USA, Asia, or the Middle East can be very enjoyable and memorable.  But before you do so, it is very important to know the facts and safety precautions in different places.

Learn More

It is very interesting how we find helpful information about traveling not only thru documentaries, magazines and other reading materials, and reviews but also thru online resources like info graphics.  Travelers provide info in surveys to share their travel experiences.  They create video and capture photos to share online for everyone to see.  This way, people can get some ideas about their next vacation destination.

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A Day Out In Brighton

Brighton is a beautiful seaside town, bustling with entertainment and popular venues. It is the perfect city break destination for a romantic getaway or a trip with the whole family.

If you’re planning on visiting Brighton, then here are a few must-do activities and must-see sights that are well worth checking out.

Visit the pier


A trip to the pier should be in the diary of every local and tourist alike. It may be brash, bassy and ageing away, but the Brighton Pier offers brilliant fun. It’s fantastical fairground rides, amusement booths and candy floss kiosks make this the perfect location for an afternoon of childish indulgence.

Play in the casinos


If you’re looking for more grown-up entertainment then Brighton offers a great selection of casino venues. The Genting Casino is an understated venue on Preston Street, with roulette, blackjack and poker facilities. If you want something a bit grander than the Rendezvous is a premier spot set on the South Coast, with unrivalled dining, bar and gaming experiences.

Pokerstation.co.uk has information on the tournament schedules if you are planning a visit.

Explore the museums


The town has a selection of intriguing museums, with many of them offering visitors free entry. Amongst these are the Brighton Fishing Museum, which charts the charming fishing history of the area, as well as the Mechanical Memories Museum, filled with vintage slot machines and saucy peep shows.

Other museums include the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Booth Museum of Natural History and the Brighton Toy and Model Museum.

Be entertained at the theatre


All theatre lovers should be sure to check out the quirky Komedia, which provides a platform for a wide selection of quality alternative acts, such as comedy, cabaret and children’s entertainment. If you prefer to check out more experimental and amateur performances, then the New Venture is the place to be.

Get up close and personal with the sea life


Although the busy beaches and lively pier may let you gaze out across the ocean, the Sea Life Centre will let you explore under the waves. As the world’s oldest operating aquarium, the Sea Life Centre lets visitors touch resident starfish and crabs in the rock pool, wander through the underwater tunnel beneath the sharks and gaze upon seahorses, piranhas and moon jellyfish. Make sure to say hi to Lulu, the giant sea turtle as well.