Earning Online: April 2009

Okay.   It is time for me to do some extra income recording again. For the month of April, there was a couple of jobs that I have declined because of irrelevant topics. I feel sad but I have to. I have to keep the wholesomeness of my website. This year is quite tough for me in making money online. Even so, diligence and patience work for me. In this situation, Google has been good to my Websites. And I will always be thankful for getting these monthly blessings.

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Getting The Funds: March Earnings

I have shared in last month’s entry all my blogging earnings for the month of January and February. I summed those month’s earnings because I was late in posting. This March, my funds are low because one of my blog’s just got back in triple P’s marketplace. I am very thankful to triple P. Remember when they did a blog screening last year?

Total Earnings = $ 205.00

Not bad for a new blogger like me :). In fact, this extra income I gained from blogging adds to the funds I am sending to the family members back home. Making money from your website needs hard work and patience.

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It’s Nice To Be Back!

I am so glad…very glad! My blog is back in triple P. I was checking for jobs last night when I noticed my blog is in the list of those who can take jobs to post. Yey! The chances of earning extra money online is back.

You know I am waiting for this to happen since triple P started doing their screening. I understand the purpose of the evaluation. I also understand the feeling…you know what I mean. Well, another blessing has come to me. I am so thankful to those who supported and believed my efficiency. More power to us!

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