Searching For Jobs Online

Whenever I am alone and tired of watching television, I surf the Internet. It is one of my past time. I get a lot of information on things or subjects that I search. Sometimes I do job searching too.

As you may know, I missed working. There are moments that I thought of my previous employment, my co-workers, and the environment outside the house. You know what I mean? Or maybe I just missed receiving the weekly paycheck. Hahaha! Seriously speaking, that’s one thing.

I sometimes find myself searching for jobs online. Then, after a while, I will realize that I am pregnant. Silly me huh? Well, it will be a couple of years before I can go back to work again. For now, I will enjoy being a stay-at-home mom who still earns extra money at home.

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Earning, Budgeting, And Spending

Today, I just transferred funds from my earnings from blogging. I need to use it to pay an important obligation. My credit card has been used recently purchasing a birthday gift for my mother.

It has been a while since I gave a gift to my mother on her birthday. I was very tight on budget before. At least now, I am earning money online to use on important occasions like this. Though it takes time to accumulate a large amount, I am happy with the outcome.

When it comes to credit card, I control myself and minimize the use of it. I do not swipe for the things that are unnecessary.

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Opportunity To Earn At Home

First Sunday of September. What a beautiful day. I am not working for two months now and I am on my 26th week of pregnancy. So far, staying at home gives me the opportunity to relax and think. Relax…because there is no fatigue from work. Think…of future plans for the upcoming baby.

I miss working though…especially the weekly paycheck. Haha! But I am still earning from my work-at-home. A little bit. Still, small amounts of money becomes big when summed together.

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