Go For Layaway Today

Oh well. I am here day dreaming in front of the computer. Thinking about what I want for the holidays. I know it is somewhat early but I cannot help it. Anticipation for the holiday is in me now.Click Here

When we were driving home from a lunch date this afternoon my honey asked me what I want for Christmas. “I do not know yet. ‘Not sure” I answered. Later today I just figured out that there is one electronic gadget I have in mind. I want a camcorder. Video taking is a skill I want to learn. So I was mesmerized to see JVC Mini DV Camcorder at Kmart Lay-Away. It has a vertical Sliding LCD Monitor plus a 30x Optical Zoom/800x Digital Zoom. The vertical sliding LCD can be freely positioned over a wide vertical range so the viewing from many different angles are convenient. This is best for capturing precious moments during the holidays. Also camcorders are handy gadgets to bring on a vacation.

Currently, Kmart is the only store that offers layaway program. The term layaway means it is a type of agreement made between the customer and retailer in which the former reserves and pays a deposit for an item to be held until it is paid in full. Then the latter will set a payment period in a convenient manner. If the customer fails to pay on time, the item is returned in stock with a fee but the customer’s money is refunded. The idea seems interesting since using credit cards to pay for the holiday purchase is not a good deal to me. Just thinking about the interest rates make me want to faint. At Kmart, the layaway contract is eight (8) weeks. Customers will just pay $5.00 service fee for all new layaway contracts. Then the payment for the balance is in twice-weekly schedule. For those who are interested, here is how to pay Kmart Lay-Away the easiest way:

1. Select your items. Choose from wide selections of products you want to buy.
Note: Remember to check the products or items that are not included in the layaway program.
2. Bring the selected item to the layaway counter and make a down payment.
3. Pay the remaining balance on time every two weeks at your Kmart store. Do not miss any payment.
4. Take home the items once the payments are completed. That easy right?

I have tried this kind of program before and I find it practical not only on the holidays but all year round. Maybe I will get a camcorder this time.

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Fitness and Fun with Wii Fit

The Filipina I met in Target few weeks ago invited me to her apartment. She and her husband lived in the apartment complex just across the street where ours is located. It was her day-off from work that day. She told me earlier that she wanted to show me something. I was wondering what it is and to my excitement she showed me her newly bought Wii Fit. The reason for her invitation was she wanted to try it with me. It was fun because we are playing a game. But at the same time we are doing some exercise. I told her the Wii Fit is a good exercise routine in the mornings. She was so excited. Then she told me that she and her husband got it online. They were so amazed because they found the Wii Fit in stock. Her purchase was so convenient and the price was so affordable. They were looking for it in some retailer stores but no luck until they discoved and bought it online.

Wii Fit is a combination of fitness and fun, designed for everyone who likes to work towards personal goals of better health and fitness. Hhhmm…my friend has given me an idea. Since I do some dancing routine in the mornings, why not buy me a Wii Fit also? Honey…?

My view on E-gadgets

Hi y’all! Eversince I was a kid I am so fond of electronics technology. I wanted to learn how to manipulate computers, play station, i-pods…etc. Mobile phones are one of my favorites too. I always want to know new innovations beyond the wired world. So far, I am doing good and still learning. Isn’t it fun?

However, there are people who are spending most of their time on these gadgets. For example: playing play station almost the whole day, texting non-sense, and other unsignificant things. I think these people must make their time worthwhile. They should appreciate the people around them and appreciate new alternative hobbies other than straining fingers on these things.

I know this is our chance to enjoy technology’s offer to a curious individual like me but we should know our limitations.