Find Your Bliss: Win A Fabulous Phone By Getting Rid Of The Ugly One

If you are asked to get rid of something you do not need in your house…let us say something ugly…what would it be? Would you be willing to throw them or give them away? Or might as well, sell them in a very low price? It would be very interesting if you get rid of an ugly thing and get a new one huh? But instead of buying it, you will win it. How’s that sound?

If you are fond of joining contests, this one is for you. We know that LG is a leading brand of home appliance. Not only that, it is also a popular name for e-gadgets like mobile phones. I am telling you this because LG is currently holding a contest which gives the opportunity to win huge prizes. Wondering what to do? You just have to upload a picture or video to of anything you consider ugly and you want to get rid of. That is kind of easy.

Everybody wants to win something fabulous. And if you join, the lucky participant will win an LG Bliss phone. It is fun. Visit LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page for details. Good luck to us!

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Something Portable And Beautiful Gift Is Arriving Tomorrow

Something beautiful is arriving tomorrow. It is a gift. The gift from my hard work of making money online. I am so proud about getting this thing because, I can say, I achieved one of my dreams.

I ordered a laptop eBay. This is what I am expecting to arrive tomorrow. Since we will be traveling to the Philippines for a vacation next month, I want to have something to use conveniently in doing my blogging and online jobs while I am abroad. I do not think we will have enough time to go to an Internet cafe in the evenings. We would rather spend our nights going to places like the city plaza, restaurants, and the bay.

I cannot wait to get everything set up in my laptop. With proper caring and handling, hopefully, my new gadget will last many many years.

Oh, by the way, I want to thank Ms. Lisa C. from Kentucky who helped me buy the laptop. More blessings for you Ms. Lisa! I highly appreciate your kindness.

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Catch That "Important" Call

Do you listen to your instincts? How would you react when you feel like a loved one is cheating you? Let us say somebody is stealing a loved one’s attention, and before you know it, that loved one is starting to hug the phone because he has an “important” call.

I guess this new telephone technology can be considered to be of help. This is a new telephone that works as an ordinary phone but the feature is that, the user can record conversations or even the noises around it. After the recordings are done, the user can listen to all the recorded conversations. You might say it is somewhat humiliating because privacy is invaded, I know. But everyone has a choice to try it or not.

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