Practice Again

It’s already eleven o’clock in the morning. I am still here sitting in front of the computer instead of preparing myself for an appointment at 1:00PM. I should have been doing some preparation for my driving training. Yes. I am scheduled to take my training again today. My husband will come home to pick me up at 12:30. Okay. I have to log off for a while. ‘Will be back soon as I can. ^_^ See yah!!!

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Driving Class Starts Tomorrow

Now I am in the next level challenge of my life. Tomorrow I will be attending a driving class at Austin Driving School. I am excited yet nervous. I am excited because this is one of my dreams…to learn how to drive. I am nervous because this is my first time and I never drive before. I just rode buses, trains, and jeepneys when I was working. Most of my uncle’s back home are drivers but I didn’t get the chance to ask them to teach me driving. I admire them so much. They are good and law-abiding drivers.
Here in the USA it is necessary for a person to learn driving. Almost all people own a car. Driving here is very useful for daily life’s convenience especially if the job is far. A Filipina friend told me that her son is already driving. He is in his teens. I find it challenging now that I knew teenagers are taught how to drive. If they can do it, why can’t I? Hope I’ll pass the test for Learner’s Permit.

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Looked Younger Than My Age

You live a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of yourself.
You’ll probably have a youthful glow for many years.

Recently we went to Sear’s Driving School nearby to inquire for driving schedules. My husband and I agreed to enroll me since my residency is approved already. I am a little bit nervous yet excited. Anyway, when we inquired for the requirements the staff asked if I have my high school credentials and certificates. We’re kind of confused so I asked the staff if it is okay to submit my high school paper because I left them in the Philippines. Then my husband interrupt the conversation and asked why they are needing those documents. The staff said that they are conducting driving lessons for teenagers that is why they require such documents as proof. We’re like, uh oh! I said I am not a teenager. The staff thought I am my husband’s daughter. That was funny! It only means I don’t look like my age at all. But it was frustrating because they said Sear’s doesn’t conduct driving lessons for adults in Tarrant County.

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