Monetize Your Site With API

Good news for music lovers like me. If you like listening to mp3’s, downloading ringtones, and if you have websites or a program developer, I suggest you visit Dada Entertainment. I found it to be very compelling and satisfying as far as entertainment is concerned. Aside from being the popular mobile content provider offering MP3 music downloads to mobile phone users across all major U.S. carrier, they offer great opportunities of increasing traffic to your websites and applications that allows you to earn money at the same time. This is by helping their partners monetize website traffic into mobile content subscriptions through their newly launched API (Application Programming Interface) of their Music Affiliate Program. How does it work? You just have to join the Music Affiliate Program by registering to Dada Entertainment and start monetizing your website and applications. You will be asked to add the context catalog or helpful tools like Search API, Chart API, Dynamic Landing Pages in your website. These are the tools that will facilitate you gain subscribers and referrals and get paid for it. People who sign up as partners are paid money for leads they send. This program is unique that even first-timer affiliates can incorporate the tools and content catalog on their website and earn money. Easy huh? So visit Dada Entertainment now, become a member of Music Affiliate Program, and earn by using this new and exciting service.

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