Nice To Hear From A Co-Worker

I am glad to spoke with my co-worker yesterday. It’s been a while since our last telephone conversation. And it’s been months since our last get-together. She is way older than me but we get along well.

My co-worker left work because of health issues too. It is not comfortable for her to be on her feet all day. In our job as customer service personnel and gift wrap, we are always standing and going. It was so nice to hear from her. I hope she will feel better soon.

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Customer Appreciation Day

We had the Customer Appreciation Day every at the store today. What’s with it is we offer free gift wrapping for gifts purchased for Mother’s Day. I was in the early shift and had everything set up in the customer service. My co-associate K came and she was told to station on the second floor. It went well because customers came over to us and had their gifts wrap. Cookies and snacks were all over the store. We had raffle draws, and lucky winners won fabulous goodies. It was pretty neat.

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Customers’ Side Questions

Working in customer service is fun, sometimes. Customers expect you to know everything about the store policies and operation. They also expect that the restroom is by the customer service area.

I do not know how many inquiries we get from customers everyday pertaining to the restroom location in the store. I tell yah!

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