You Should Have A Clean Credit Record

A customer came to the customer service and asked for a store credit application. Immediately and courteously, I handed her the application form with the terms and conditions copy. Then I had her registered directly to the express credit services system.

We were doing well with the information inputs and verification. When everything was done, I sent the information to the credit services. We waited for the processing of the express credit. But after a while, it says her application was not approved. I called the credit services office and talked to a gentleman customer representative. He said that the customer’s application for credit was not approved and they will send her a letter stating the reason why. Aw, that was frustrating. Of course I told the customer what was happening. She was kind of upset.

My guess is, maybe she had a bad credit or something. You see, it is very important to improve or to have a clean credit record. You will not have a hard time getting or applying for a loan besides a store credit card. If you have a low credit score, maybe it is time to find the reliable credit repair services. They will help you correct and repair bad credit.

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Almost One Hundred Percent

‘Got reports today about the monthly credit application status in all departments of the store. Us, in customer service, almost got a 100% in customer credit applications. Only K did not get one. But we agreed that whoever gets a customer to apply for a store credit card, we will give that to K (if she is around). We still have a week so there will be a possible applicant. Who knows? And our department will be the only area to have a 100% score in store credit applications. That is awesome!

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