Job Review And Salary Increase

‘Had my review and signed it. I am very good in my job. I get high compliments from the supervisors. My manager said she really wants to give me an increase. But I guess the store budget cannot allow it at this time. Some departments are currently short handed and managers cannot hire people yet.

I am happy with my job. The compensation I am getting helps me a lot. The next review is in July. But, still, I am hoping to get an increase. Let’s see *smiles*.

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Rated According To Job Performance

Do you complain? I mean do you complain about not getting a salary raise or something? My advice is, don’t. If you are a hardworking employee and deserving for a raise, the management sees it and noted everything about your job. That is why there is a yearly evaluation. We, employees, are evaluated and rated according to our job performance. This is one of the basis to getting a salary increase.

There are people who complain because they are not satisfied with the salary they get. And some companies do not consider that because of business crisis. Other companies do not give salary increase at all. That is why the employees look for a high paying job. I do not blame them. I was once in that situation also.

I know the situation is tough these days. That is why I am hanging on to my job. If you like your job, you should too.

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