DIY Cut Out T-shirts

Every woman know how valuable it is to have a good supply of 100% polyester T-shirts in her closet. They are versatile, inexpensive and can be modified in lots of different ways to create unique looks. One popular fashion trend are cutout T-shirts, which feature all sorts of designs or strategically placed cuts to enhance the simple silhouette. If you want to try your hand at an easy cutout project, this one is perfect. We’ll create a heart shape that can look different depending on the color of undershirt you choose.


Gather these up on a large working surface before you get started:

  • Oversize T-shirt in the color of your choice.
  • Small pair of scissors for detail work
  • Chalk in color that can easily be seen


OK, you are going to be doing a little bit of drawing here. Don’t be nervous! This is just elementary school-level artwork. Lay the T-shirt flat on your work surface. Using the chalk, draw a medium-size heart in the middle of the chest area. Make sure to leave enough room for the “rays” coming off the heart. Don’t worry if your heart is not completely centered or if it’s a little crooked. The design will look good no matter what.


Now, using the heart outline as your baseline, draw rudimentary rays or flames coming off of it all the way around. The rays should be smaller around the top of the heart where they are closest to the collar and larger around the sides and bottom of the heart. Don’t go too big, though, or you will end up with cutouts that go all the way into your armpits!


It’s time to cut out the rays. Do not cut out the heart shape. Using your small scissors, slowly make your way around the heart, cutting out all the rays you drew. It’s all right if you don’t cut exactly on the chalk lines. Any lines left on the shirt will come out in the wash. Try to make your cuts as smooth as possible to avoid jagged edges that may be visible when you wear the shirt. The cut edges will curl a bit, especially after the shirt is washed, so that will help hide uneven cuts you may have made.

You’re Done!

Now you can wear this cute shirt with any color underneath. When you are ready, you can try other cutout designs. Here are some ideas:

  • Cut a double wing design out of the back of a T-shirt
  • Skulls cut out of the front or back of a shirt is a rock ‘n’ roll look
  • Snip the sides of the T-shirt from the arm hole down to create a corset look

High Quality Tactical Clothing and Gear


Most people who are gung ho about their gear take special care to make sure that it is of best quality. The same can be said of those who utilize tactical gear like law enforcement and the fire industry. Sewing and tailoring expertise combine with survival and military Special Forces training to make up tactical gear. It is tactical gear that is the lifeblood and backbone of urban survivalists who prepare for the worst by employing the best gear and equipment offered.

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More than Just Camo and Combat Boots

When many people hear about tactical gear, they automatically conjure images of black combat boots, camouflage fatigues and heavy duty backpacks loaded with rations and flares. A closer look will reveal that tactical gear companies provide their customers items online and via mail order. The wide variety of gear and equipment available online and through catalogs as well as in stores today spans way far beyond the typical ideas and notions of the tactical gear industry. Truly, tactical clothing is not limited to the traditional images of camouflage and combat boots.

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When it comes to tactical clothing and equipment, customers should go with companies that know the needs of the industries served and offer the best quality gear on the market.

My Sister Should Wear This On Her Graduation Day

Year 2014 is approaching fast and we’ll be celebrating the New Year before we know it.  You know how much I look forward to our family’s next long vacation.  I love going to a vacation.  Relaxing and having a great time with the family in a beach resort.  My husband and I are planning to another vacation in the next two years so we can save enough money.

But early next year is my youngest sister’s graduation from college.  I talked to my husband about going home to attend the graduation.  Just me.  It would be difficult for me if I’ll take my little one with me.  Traveling with a toddler by myself is not gonna be easy.  Plus, my husband will be totally worried about us.

Hopefully I can go home on my sister’s graduation day because, I already searched for graduation dresses 2013 and found a graduation dress for her.  I have also seen a dress that I would like to wear on her graduation day.  The A-Line/Princess Halter Knee-Length dress on the left will mostly likely fit for my sister.  It’s too cute!  She likes pink and I can imagine how gorgeous she would look in that dress in pink.  The dress on the right, Square Neckline Kate Middleton Style, is perfect for myself to wear on the occasion.  I like the color of it because it’ll make me look taller.  🙂  On special occasion like this, you would want to find a dress first before anything else.

I am so optimistic that I will be able to attend my sister’s graduation day next year.  If it’s confirmed, the next step is planning a family dinner at our favorite resort hotel.