Early Christmas Presents – #FrostyVoxBox Review

I wasn’t expecting to receive an early present really.  It’s the very first Christmas present I got this Christmas.  Usually, I receive gifts on Christmas Day.  But this Frosty Vox Box came in the mail Friday morning, December 19.  I was so surprised.  It has lots of nice products inside.

Products in my #FrostyVoxBox.

Influenster has been very generous to me this year.  Just look at these stuff in my Frosty Vox Box.  My favorites are the following:

The good

  1. No7 Protect & Perfect Serum
  2. Celestial Green Tea
  3. McCormick Gourmet All Natural Thyme

The lovely

  1. Eco Tools Hair Brush
  2. NYC Expert Last Sugarplum Lip Color
  3. Rimmel Water-proof Mascara
  4. Rimmel Eye Make-up Remover
Trying on the new NYC Sugarplum Lip Color
Trying on the new NYC Sugarplum Lip Color

These beauty products arrived just in time for me to try and use as family and friends gatherings this Holiday season are in tow.  And I will take some of these items with me as my family and I are traveling to our folks’ for Christmas.

My least favorite (the bad) is the  Fruit Bites Cherry.  It is not because I don’t like gummy candies, it’s because cherry is my least favorite fruit actually.  If it’s in strawberry flavor, well I would love it.  🙂

I am very pleased with the products I received.  And I received these items complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  To know more about how to become an Influenster member, click here.

Don Felipe Hotel – Convenience And Affordability


The Holidays are just around the corner and whenever I feel the cold breeze when November comes I couldn’t help but think of Christmas.  I see Christmas decorations on display in stores and it makes me feel cheerful.  And it always reminds me of our first Holiday vacation.

I remember when my family and I were on vacation in the Philippines two years ago.  It was our first trip there during the Holidays.  We stayed at Don Felipe Hotel and Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City, Leyte and visited my parents and my siblings twice a week.  We also had my baby sister and niece wish us in the hotel to keep us company on weekends.  The first two weeks of our vacation was very busy.  So the remaining two weeks was very laid back and relaxing.

Port of Ormoc City. View from the 6th floor of Don Felipe Hotel.
Port of Ormoc City. View from the 6th floor of Don Felipe Hotel.


Don Felipe Hotel in Ormoc City is an old hotel but the rooms are maintained very well.  When we were there in December 2012, there was a repair going on but it didn’t affect the service.  The room rates are very affordable.  The staff were very friendly and helpful.  I saw two students (from the school I worked before) working in the front desk.  It was very nice to see them again.  The hotel restaurant was cozy and the food was great.  The food price was reasonable, too.  The hotel is located in front of the Ormoc Bay.  It’s location is very ideal because it’s very close to the market, grocery stores, and transportation – bus terminal, jeepney terminal, ferry boats, and utility vans.  Because the transportation terminals are right across the road where the hotel is, expect the noise when you go out to the veranda. 🙂

I lived in Leyte for years but that was the very first time I stayed in Don Felipe Hotel.  I highly recommend this hotel if you choose convenience and affordability.

Christmas Shopping

I went to town this morning to do some Christmas shopping.  I bought gifts for my husband’s niece and nephews.  I also bought presents for my FIL and MIL and a couple of additional Christmas gifts for my darling daughter.

It was a bit traffic on the road to Plano past lunch time.  I was very hungry and I forgot that I have to meet up someone at a jewelry store to pick up a set of storage for arts and crafts supplies.  So I just did a porch pick up for the items.

I stopped by at Ross store first and bought a few toys and shirts there.  Then I head towards Collin Creek Mall.  At the light, it was difficult to get in the left turning lane because the red light stayed for like five minutes.  Green light was really short then it’ll turn red again.

Selfie photo while waiting for the green light.  (Not recommended)
A quick selfie photo while waiting for the green light. (Not recommended)

I feel good when I am driving.  I don’t know why but it gives me a cheer feeling when I am on the road.  I am always careful.  Though other drivers do s****d things on the road, I keep my cool and always watchful.  I never pass someone unless it’s clear and safe for me to do so.  I don’t speed.  I AVOID accidents.

So shopping close to Christmas is always not a good idea.  But I was ready with my gift list.  I hope that the kids will have a wonderful Christmas.