What Is Your Dream Car or Vehicle?

Chevrolet Texas Edition Silverado
Chevrolet Texas Edition Silverado

Here is mine.  I don’t know about you but the first time I saw this lovely truck at Randall Noe auto dealership in Tyler, I fell in love with it.  Ugh!  I wish we have that much money to buy it. It’s a very beautiful truck.  The color is a little lighter in person.  This is a Chevrolet Texas Edition Silverado pick up truck with four doors.  It’s fully loaded and boy, sure is pretty.

Oh well, I can dream right? 😀

a-Texas Edition Silverado

Driving The Truck

I am going to a party today.  My husband said I can drive the truck because he’ll be using the car to go do the grocery shopping with baby.  The car seat is mounted in the car.

This is third time I am driving the Chevy Silverado.  I remember when I was still taking my driving lessons.  The truck was the first vehicle I used to practice driving.  It’s too big for me and I cannot reach the pedals.  I had difficulty with the turns because I always hit the curve.  Fortunately, my husband bought a car for me.  It’s a compact sedan and just the right size for me too.  Good timing because he wanted me to use the car on my road test.  So I had to practice driving with my new car.

Now I am confident driving the truck.  I just have to move the seat way forward so I can reach the gas and brake pedals.

Driving a Chevy Silverado