Cheap Tickets

So, I was granted the K-1 Visa.  When I received it in the mail together with my other immigration documents and passport, I had my plane tickets issued immediately the next day.  I was very excited.  My fiance was very anxious for me to be with him.

I payed about $700 including the taxes for a one-way ticket to Dallas, Texas via Korean Air.  That was four years ago.

I have been scouting cheap air tickets for a week while waiting for my visa to arrive.  See, in buying tickets, you have to try almost all kinds of resources to get cheap international flights.  Checking and inquiring from, let us say five travel agencies, is better than comparing flight rates with two.  Online booking also helps.  But if you do not have a credit card and you feel unsecured with online booking transactions, better book your flights and buy tickets in a travel agency or go to the airline office itself.  When I had my tickets on hand, I was in the midst of mixed emotions.  When I got my tickets, I thought, there’s no turning back.  The moment of truth has arrived.  I’ll be leaving my country and family to be with the man I love.

Book Your Air Tickets Ahead Of Time

A great way to experience traveling on a plane is to get air tickets ahead of time.  This is to avoid pressure and stress on looking for cheap flights.  The earlier you reserve your tickets, the lesser money you pay for the fare.

If you are planning on a trip to Australia, you should try checking flights and cheap tickets in where cheap international flights are available in Qantas Airways.  Australia is one of the beautiful countries that is home to the Great Barrier Reef.  Since I started working in a travel office, I dreamed of visiting the place someday.  Qantas is Australia’s official carrier and you can find cheap flights prices on the website.

Wherever you want to fly, early plane bookings or reservations are advisable to avoid rushing and minimize stress.