This Year’s Goal: Car And Travel

The idea of getting me a car is somewhat surprising to me. First, I do not know what brand of car to get. Second, I do not think we have enough budget to buy a car. Pre-owned cars’ prices today are very high…what more for a brand new one? Lastly, I am not 100% confident with my driving yet.

But thinking about my situation right now, I really need to have a car. Though my workplace is close to our home, there are moments I am having difficulty walking towards there because the weather gets unpredictably wicked. Like this morning, the wind was blowing like crazy. I almost blown away! My husband can only drop me off to work if my schedule is at noon.

Getting a car is the second goal this year. What is the first goal? ‘Vacation back home (to the Philippines).

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Driving Class Starts Tomorrow

Now I am in the next level challenge of my life. Tomorrow I will be attending a driving class at Austin Driving School. I am excited yet nervous. I am excited because this is one of my dreams…to learn how to drive. I am nervous because this is my first time and I never drive before. I just rode buses, trains, and jeepneys when I was working. Most of my uncle’s back home are drivers but I didn’t get the chance to ask them to teach me driving. I admire them so much. They are good and law-abiding drivers.
Here in the USA it is necessary for a person to learn driving. Almost all people own a car. Driving here is very useful for daily life’s convenience especially if the job is far. A Filipina friend told me that her son is already driving. He is in his teens. I find it challenging now that I knew teenagers are taught how to drive. If they can do it, why can’t I? Hope I’ll pass the test for Learner’s Permit.

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