First Home Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Joy for this award. This is the first time I have received a blogger award from a blogger friend. Though I am just new, she appreciate me and added me to her new found friends. This really means so much to me. I hope that she won’t change and will always be there for me whenever I have questions or concerns. Cheers to the friendship!

Now I am sharing this home blogger award to Enday, Ren, Naomi, and Junelle.
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Quick Approval of Posts in PPP

It is a very good thing to start my day. I received an immedieate approval of my post in Payperpost (PPP) today. Yes that was quick and easy! No probs. It is really proven that PPP approves posts quickly. As long as we bloggers meet the post requirements and exert effort in the task, we are good to go. I am having fun doing the tasks too. I hope PPP will have opportunities in store for me again this week.
Thank you Payperpost!

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I Signed Up for PPP!

I am so glad that payperpost (PPP) approved my blog after two days since I signed up and submitted my blog to them. Before, I thought it will take weeks for me to get their approval. But it doesn’t. To my surprise, I received a notification email at 11:45 PM saying that my blog is approved and is now open to take opportunities. I am so excited! Thank you so much!

I knew about payperpost from my co-blogger friends. I am inspired to blog and also wanted to earn some money so I registered quickly. payperpost is not only giving the bloggers the chances of earning from their blog but also learning new things about the blogging world. It is already happening to me right now. I also met new friends – Filipino and foreign bloggers from around the world. Aside from giving opportunities from advertisers, payperpost guides bloggers with tips on how to improve their blogging techniques and learn more about it. This is what I love about them. And when I start earning, I will share some to the needy people.

Signing up for payperpost is just a piece of cake. To check if your blog qualifies, you must basically comply with these important terms.

  • You must have a blog which is at least 30 days old.
  • Your blog should have 10 original posts within that period and should be unique to you and your blog.
  • The blog must not include or support or include negative contents such as hatred, violence, illicit drugs, pornography and illegal activities.
You can browse all their policies by visiting the site. And if you are confident that you have met all the criteria, come and join us. Sign up now and be a part of the growing world of payperpost!