The Power of Prayer

I believe that prayer is the great weapon in times of troubles. It is also the most solemn way of communication to God. The power of prayer is amazing. Let us keep it a habit everyday. I would like to convey here that let us offer a prayer not only for the MV Princess of the Stars fatalities and survivors, but let us also pray for a harmonious Olympics, and world peace.

Thank you Claire for this tag.

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Prayer for the MV Princess of the stars fatalities and survivors.

Dear God, we pray that you comfort each bereaved family everyday as they grieved for their loss, we pray that you will supply all their needs, we pray for the survivors that they may have good lives after the tragedy, that you will bless them and let them know in the deepest part of their heart that in spite of what have happened, you LOVE and CARE for them. This we pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. I encourage everyone to keep the prayer going. LET’S P.U.S.H. (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS).

I am tagging everyone who wants to get it.

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My Favorite Breakfast Menu

Before, I am not really used to eating breakfast. This habit started when I was a working student ten years ago. I was in a full load schedule then I was working eight hours a day. So I just sip a cup of coffee and head off to beat the rush hour. But now, it’s different. As much as possible, I will eat heavy breakfast.

A tag from Ria of It’s My Party that stimulates my appetite. I want to know what’s your favorite breakfast meal.

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All you need to do is to put your name down, the country you are in and your favorite breakfast meal. Let’s see how we can have this breakfast ‘menu’ traveled all around cyberspace and learn what each blogger living in different country and what they eat for breakfast. This meme was created by a little lady with a penchant to spy around little baskets while marketing. Her favorite breakfast of the day is none other than Roti Prata, Indian flat bread. What about you? What is your favorite breakfast meal of the day?

1. Spymama, Singapore – Roti Prata 2. CaramelCorn, Singapore – Half Boiled Eggs and Toast 3. Name, Country, Favourite Breakfast 4. Proud Mommy, Philippines – Fried Rice, Ham and Scrambled Egg 5. It’s My Party, Dubai – sunny side-up egg, frankfurters and glass of orange juice 6. Kuting’s Place, Texas – scrambled eggs, bacon, fried rice, coffee 7. You’re next

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and everybody in my Love Links who wants to share their favorite breakfast meals.
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To My Blogger Friends

I would like to thank you Jemade and Chubz for accepting me to be one of your online friends. Lalo na u Chubz (“,).

Claire, Denesh, Yenzz, Travelerfolio, Jonaverslife, Anneloveswill, Resebel, Etavasi, Bregie, Carlos, Alyssaba, Cecile, Danah, Deborahkaty, Dezzyanddan, Tropical Star, Ester, Greenrose, Sweetpinay, JoyB, Marilykate, JohnB, New2learn, Images of Aloha, Vhi, Gladys, Riablahgs, and to the rest of the bloggers in my Love Links, I highly appreciate y’all for being welcoming and supportive. I am just a newbie but because of your friendliness I feel the acceptance in the blogosphere. You are giving me the warmth of your response whenever I ask for some assistance. It also amazes me that I have make friends with new people from different parts of the world. I am glad you are consistent in hopping into my blogs. Though some cannot make it, I understand. I want to let you know that I am always here. Keep up the good work and happy blogging. (This is my personal message to everyone.—Marly)

Spread the love bloggers.

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