Travel Preparation 3: Helpful Tips On Paying Your Bills While On Vacation

‘Did all the bills payment for December in advance and asked my dear cousin to mail them on the date I specified on the note before we left.

When going on a vacation for a long period of time, it is recommended to keep all the bills paid while you are away.

  • Check and list down when the bills come and take note of their due dates.  This is very important so you won’t overlook or miss any thing.
  • If you are like us who still use checks to pay bills, write them post-dated.  Check your funds to be sure you have enough money to cover the bills while you are away.  Or else, you will be charged for bounced checks and late payments.  That’s would be a very big hassle.
  • If you do not have the payment slips available for some bills, call the company and tell them about your upcoming trip.  Ask what is the right thing to do to pay your bills without the payment slip and where to send the payment.
  • On the other hand, if you are paying your bills online, you can set an auto payment from your online banking system.

In our situation, I asked my dear cousin to mail our bills payment for us.  You can also ask a trusted neighbor to do this favor for you too.

Holiday Vacation: Travel Preparation 2

This past weekend we went to look for a carry-on luggage for our daughter.  Besides our regular luggage that my husband owned for years, we want to bring another one to put all her necessities.  Traveling with a toddler is not easy.  She is gonna be two years old when we fly.  And to think the energy of a two-year old toddler is very high, my husband and I have to always keep ourselves together.

I also bought a few lotions for my aunts and cousins in addition to the clothing, accessories, and shoes for homecoming gifts.  Now I feel obliged to buy another set of holiday gifts for my family back home because the Balikbayan  box (package) arrived in a month’s time, which is way earlier than we thought.  Well, I will just take my niece and nephews to a shopping spree when we get to my province.

Right now, we are making a TO DO list and CHECKLIST.  We do not want to miss anything.  The billing statements from our subscriptions are needed to be gathered so my husband make arrangements on payments while we’re away.  Bills fall in the middle of the month have to be paid in advance (we have to make an estimate for the bills amount for these).  Then we will stop the mail for a month until we get back next year.

Deposit, Bills Payment and Groceries

I ran errands with my baby yesterday.

1.  To the bank . Supposed to deposit the money we got from the tax refund.  But when we were already at the bank, I found out my husband forgot to sign the document.  I thought he did.  What a waste of time.

2.  Bills payment. From the bank, we went to the department store and paid my bill.  As we were at the shopping complex, I stopped by at Barnes and Noble and bought a dictionary for my little sister.

3.  Got groceries for dinner. On our way home from the department store, we went grocery shopping for the dish I prepared for our anniversary dinner.  Just a simple pork dish paired with spaghetti and steamed asparagus.  Then my favorite Asti for drinks.

Baby cooperated very well yesterday.  She just napped and enjoyed the ride in the car.  And when we got out of the car, she just looked around and observed.

Well, the bank task is pending.  We will go there again early tomorrow.