Travel And Hair Style Can Be Convenient

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Hello there! How are you doing? I hope you had a wonderful time traveling and visiting. One of my friends is in the Philippines right now. She and her whole fam bam is attending a family’s graduation ceremony. Wow. I wish I am in the Philippines right now. Oh wait, I was just there last year. Geez…it’s so nice to be on vacation.

I am saying this because so many people are traveling for the summer.  This week is the last week of school here in our district (Community ISD), and it is my darling daughter’s graduation day from Kindergarten tomorrow.  We haven’t got to sit down and talk about our summer travel plans just yet. I am ready for summer.

Anyway, this is the time when graduation parties are held.  There are so many invites to parties here and there. You have to be very wise on which ones to attend. Also, you will need to look gorgeous as well. Graduation party is a special event so you would want it to be memorable. Going to hair salon for hair style can be expensive and time consuming. Another idea to consider for good-looking hair-do is using wigs. Yes, wig usage has been trending years and years ago. Nowadays, you can even select different types of wig style, color, length, and volume. There are many selection of remy hair for sale on the Internet but has so many to choose from. They come in all kinds of style and length ranging from 10 inches to 18 inches. Awesome. In addition, wigs are convenient to carry when you’re traveling. There is no need to worry about bad hair day.

I have a thin frizzy hair and there is no hope of bringing its volume back to its fullness like the way it used to be when I was younger. So I guess I have to consider wearing a wig one of these days – for special occasion, of course. Why not?

Fragrances And Your Body Chemistry

I am fascinated with body essentials including fragrances.  Each of us has a preferred scent to wear all day all the time.  I try different kinds of scents so I can tell which one is compatible with my body chemistry.

Why is that the scent we like never smell the same when put onto by another person?  They say that this is because our body has different reactions to perfumes. The following factors affect how a scent smells differently on people:

  • skin type (oily or dry)
  • mood
  • diet
  • health condition
  • environment

When choosing a scent for yourself, consider the factors so your body chemistry can figure out what fragrance is right for you.

By the way, I would like to thank for sending me the free sample of their new scent called Burberry Body.  It is in a travel-size bottle so I can carry it whenever I want, wherever I wander.


Managed To Handle The Job

I thought I won’t get it this month but I did. Yes, it is the time of the month again when women has to face the curse. Migraine hit me last night that had me unable to go to work this morning. I called in sick. My manager wished me to feel better and if I do, I can come to work in the afternoon. So I slept until 11:00 A.M., ate lunch with my husband. I had a cup of tea that gave me the relief against upset stomach and I felt better after.

I decided to report to work and get a couple of paid hours (a big help financially). ‘Called my husband and told him I will be at work. He was like, just wanted to make sure I am feeling well. Still weak but can manage to handle the job at customer service.

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