Spectacular Places I Dreamed Of Visiting: Asia Part 1

I am a dreamer.  Traveling and vacationing are the biggest dreams of my life.  There are lots of places I want to visit.  So many vacation spots I want to go mostly the beaches, historical shrines, and nature parks.  But here’s a few:


1.  Philippines

Boracay – Honestly I haven’t been here although I lived most of my live in the Philippines.  🙂  This tourist spot is recognized as one of the best beaches in the world.  White sand and blue waters, oh what a wonderful place to be on a vacation with the family.

Taal Lake – Located in the province of Batangas (Luzon Island), this place is spectacular because in this lake lies the Taal Volcano.  The beautiful ridges around the lake is great for trekking.

Banawe Rice Terraces – known as the “Eight Wonder Of The World”,  this is part of my Filipino Heritage.  And I want to see it’s amazing structure.

Historical Shrines – There are lots of them in every province in the Philippines.

2.  Japan

I want to ride the bullet train and experience the beauty of the Sakura or Cherry Blossoms.

3.  South Korea

Jeju Island – I read good travel reviews about this island and it seems interesting to visit.


To be continued…


Seven Countries I Would Love To Travel

In the Philippines, October is one busiest month in every schools. We celebrate the United Nations month with a program. The event is very exciting because each class in elementary or high school has a pair of representative for a particular country. After the United Nation’s countries are represented, the parade of colors will be held. It is fun to see the students marching in their costumes with the flags.

During my school days, I was never chosen to represent a country. Anyway, I am just happy to share seven countries I admire and, I hope, I would love to visit again and again because I like traveling. The Philippines will always be the number one in my list.

1. Philippines-the beach, sun, coconuts, food.
2. USA-Grand Canyon, Texas.
3. Korea-the colorful traditional clothes.
4. China-The Great Wall, Panda.
5. Greece-ancient civilization.
6. UAE-Dubai.
7. Australia-The Great Barrier Reef.

I appreciate Lisa of Liskitchen for sharing this with me. How about you Maicel, Pinaywriter, Blogger’s Recollections, Travelerfolio, Obstacles and Glories? Share us your most admired countries.

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