Vacation Out Of State

Well, so summer is officially here again and for those who live in the Western part of the world when summer starts in June, I bet you have have been planning to take a family get-away.  Kids are excited about summer, too.  Vacation and outdoor activities are in tow.  Everybody is figuring out where to go on a summer vacation.  Or maybe, some of you already had gone.

As for me and my family, we are planning to go to Arkansas.  My husband had been thinking of going and taking me there when I got here in the US six years ago but didn’t got the chance to do so because of work-related relocation.  From then on, we had been very busy with the immigration stuff and work.  Also I started working so we changed plans.

Now that we have moved back to the house that my husband bought before I got here and had a baby, traveling became second priority.  But we do not take it for granted because we also need some time to relax and unwind. We have been to a long vacation in the Philippines twice and presently going to weekend trips once in a while.  What we haven’t done yet is an out-of-State vacation.  Hopefully sometime this year we will be able to go to Arkansas and do some diamond digging at the Crater Of Diamonds State Park.  🙂

Half Way Of Achieving The Goal

This is my 4th of 8. I am half way of achieving the goal of surviving my eight working days this week. Why eight days? Because I had requested three days off for a supposedly dental appointment. The appointment was canceled because the dentist will be going for a vacation on ‘that’ day. It is too late for me to redo the day-off schedule request because my boss had it approved.

Oh well, my husband thought of something to do on that 3-day weekend. We might go to Arkansas! Woohoo! Traveling again, huh! I love it.

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