Dental Treatment Starts Today

Today is not so happy day. I will be going to see the dentist in the morning.  Since my pregnancy a year ago,  the visits to the dentist were cancelled. Today is the beginning of my dental treatment. Total dental repair, as what I call it.  My husband said that we have a very good dental insurance.

My wisdom teeth are bothering me. They are giving me headaches, sometimes.  So, the first thing they will do is to save the teeth that are capable of saving.  My mouth will get totally numb today.  Oh, geez…I will feel funny after.

Missed The Exit

What a shame! I got lost on my way to the doctor’s office. My husband asked me if I knew the way. I confidently answered yes. But I quite forgot about my appointment today. It was almost time but I still drove to the doctor’s office. I missed the exit. Dang!

I arrived at the destination. The problem is, I couldn’t find a parking spot. I had to drive up to the sixth level of the parking area. I was so late. The doctor’s staff said it is too late to see me now. So they schedule my appointment next Thursday.

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Half Way Of Achieving The Goal

This is my 4th of 8. I am half way of achieving the goal of surviving my eight working days this week. Why eight days? Because I had requested three days off for a supposedly dental appointment. The appointment was canceled because the dentist will be going for a vacation on ‘that’ day. It is too late for me to redo the day-off schedule request because my boss had it approved.

Oh well, my husband thought of something to do on that 3-day weekend. We might go to Arkansas! Woohoo! Traveling again, huh! I love it.

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