Rogue Virus Fake Windows XP Security Alerts

Frustrated and angry.  That’s what I felt when my computer was infected with rogue virus that flashes fake security alert pop ups on the computer screen.  Would you believe that I got the virus from an online directory?  Huh!  Yes that’s right.

I tried looking for help on online forums on how to remove that s**t.  I learned that these rogue viruses are new and are released early this year.  I am one of the unlucky people who have computers infected.  But the removal process is very, very complicated for a user like me who does not have a complete knowledge on software and computer registry.  So I turned to Dell Technical Support.

It was difficult my part because paying that much money for a virus removal service is not what I would like to do.  But, it’s worth it…I guess.

What aggravated me so bad was, my anti-virus/anti-malware did not see it.  Sheez!  I am paying annual subscription on that.  Better get a new, dependable anti-virus software.

We Proved Computer System Repair Service From Dell Is Reliable

As soon as my honey learned that the computer had a virus, he went to the electronics store the next day. He talked with somebody there and asked if they can fix or remove the virus from the computer. The staff at the store said they can do that but it will take them five days before we can get the computer back. The charge was more than $140.00. Whoa! It is kind of high for a computer clean up and treatment. My honey did not accept the terms. He went to a department store one mile away from the apartment and scout for a new computer just in case our PC will not get treated. Luck came to him when he spoke with a lady working for Dell who is currently on duty that day. They talked about our computer’s condition. My honey has been using his Dell desktop computer for years now. Good thing that Dell provides system repair services for all types of Dell computers. Their staff are stationed at stores where they can be found in electronics department.

The lady staff asked what type of virus was inside the computer. My honey said the name like “Anti-virus 2009”. She said it is a bad one. The she told my honey that she and her staff can remove the virus and will provide him a free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software for an amount less than what the other store charged. Also after two days we will get our computer back. We thought it was a good deal so my honey brought the computer to them. After two days, we got our computer back with the free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software. We are so happy with the result. Thanks to Dell. Their system repair service is proven reliable and fantastic.

Right now, I am think of getting a laptop in the future. I will save for it because I want to get one from Dell.

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Virus From Social Networking Website

Hey, what have I been missing out here? I missed everyone’s update huh. Oh well, here is an update for you. Our computer has had detected a virus name “Anti-virus 2009″…something like that. It was Friday when I was visiting a social networking website. It was so irritating because that social networking website was not full of advertisement before. Now, every side of their pages has an advertisement and they all have spyware and malware. Feels like it is not reliable anymore. Now I am worried to check my page there. ‘Scared to get those nasty spyware again.

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