Raise Your Glass For The American Flag

In about three months the United States of America will be celebrating its 244th anniversary of independence from Britain. It’s so amazing the history of the U.S.A. has been a part of the global growth. There are so many factors that help built this great country. From the day Christopher Columbus reached the continent that he mistaken it to be the country of India to the colonization era that lead to the acquiring of independence–America’s history has been very interesting.

You will recognize a certain nation by it’s people, geography, and it’s significant symbol of pride. One of the most recognizable symbol is the flag. Flags come in different designs and colors, and they are usually rectangular in shape. What’s interesting about flags is that, they hold a nation’s history. The American flag, for example, has evolved through the years of challenges and triumphs.

We take pride of our national flag. It represents us, the people of this great nation. Whenever I see an American flag displayed or flying, I felt very proud. Special occasions like the 4th of July bring us together to celebrate our country’s freedom. If you don’t have a US flag to display, now is the time time buy one. Preparing early won’t hurt. Check out Flags Unlimited for flag size of your preference. Fly the United States flag and be proud of it! It represents freedom, bravery, and justice for all that will remain forever. I am saying this because I am grateful that I live in this country which I call home.

Since the beginning, the 4th of July celebration has been grand. Americans celebrate independence day wherever they are in the world. The United Sttes flag will the be the center of this special occasion flying, waving, and displayed with pride. Family and friends gather together enjoying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Dreaming Of A Jersey Shore Vacation?

There are many places I want to visit and America has many interesting places to explore. It has gorgeous beaches too. If I get the chance to get another trip next year, I will go to the Jersey shores for a vacation. Located on the Atlantic coast, New Jersey has beautiful beaches that everyone would enjoy exploring.

Another thing, a true vacation is not complete without enjoying the entertainment places New Jersey is offering. Morey’s Piers Amusement Park in Wildwood city has a concert series that is on-going but will end in August. It is free for everyone. Top Disney artists are performing on this concert series. It is only held in Morey’s Piers (prestigious amusement park) in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Thinking of having fun at the beach and being entertained at the amusement parks, my Wildwood vacations in New Jersey will be a dream come true. ‘You also dreaming of a Jersey shore vacation?

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