Searching For Jobs Online

Whenever I am alone and tired of watching television, I surf the Internet. It is one of my past time. I get a lot of information on things or subjects that I search. Sometimes I do job searching too.

As you may know, I missed working. There are moments that I thought of my previous employment, my co-workers, and the environment outside the house. You know what I mean? Or maybe I just missed receiving the weekly paycheck. Hahaha! Seriously speaking, that’s one thing.

I sometimes find myself searching for jobs online. Then, after a while, I will realize that I am pregnant. Silly me huh? Well, it will be a couple of years before I can go back to work again. For now, I will enjoy being a stay-at-home mom who still earns extra money at home.

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Relaxing At Home Is Always A Good Idea

‘Been hectic at the store today. The extra 30% Off on permanently reduce priced merchandise continues, I guess, until Sunday. I am not sure. I was very tired. We had plenty of in-store and phone orders processed for mail-out. They will be shipped tomorrow. I got out from work at 6:10 this evening. ‘Really hungry and tired. A big delicious buffet dinner was great.

If you are tired or worn out, relaxing at home is always a good idea. Just sitting on the couch watching television, after a big dinner, will relax your body and mind.

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Cosmetics Event

There is an event going on today at the store. The cosmetics department is having their garden party. Yes, garden party! You know I love parties. After my working hours, I went up to the second level where the department is at. There is a live performance of a harp musician, free drinks for everyone, and raffle drawing. But to qualify for the raffle, you have to make a minimum amount purchase of $ 35.00 to get an entry. The prize? A basket full of assorted summer fragrances from designer brands. Plus goodies associated with summer clothing and accessories are included in the basket. I would love to win 🙂

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