Accidents Can Happen In A Parking Lot

We almost got into an accident yesterday afternoon. My daughter and I went to the mall yesterday to pay my bill.  We were on the stop sign going straight – I looked right and left (but didn’t look back to the right).  Then after looking to the left, I hit the gas pedal to go straight.  But at the blink of an eye a car showed up on my right.  We stopped in the middle of the road at the same time.  We’re like a few inches away from collision.  I swear I didn’t see him there!

On the way home, I was still in a mild shock.  You know, how very careful you are driving on the road yet you never know when it’ll happen.  This is the first time it happened to me and I hope it will be the last.  Geez, I wasn’t able to sleep that night thinking so much about it.  I admit that I made a mistake there. I didn’t look at my right again before going.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  Stop when at a Stop sign.  Then check the traffic before going. Look to the right.  Look the left.  Look to the right again.  Look to the right TWICE.

Buckle up.  Parking lots are among the dangerous places in the world.  So please take extra care.