Save Money To Accommodate Your Home’s Repairs And Maintenance

Have you ever been in a situation where you just have had successfully solved a big household problem but then after a while something comes up again?  I mean it’s like the one-thing-after-another kind of situation, right?  It’s frustrating and depressing I know.  These major home problems can come along unexpectedly so it is highly recommended to save money for emergency purposes.  This way, you will have funds to use on repair and maintenance.  We cannot predict when this time will arrive but it is very important that we are prepared.

As our homes age, the appliances and all the equipment gets old as well.  Warranties get expired.  But if you have a home insurance, repair and maintenance (replacements of equipment) may get covered.

a-ac units

We encountered a problem with our air conditioning unit a year ago.  It suddenly stopped cooling.  My daughter and I was at home one hot summer day when I noticed that the air from the air conditioner stayed warm all day.  So I told my husband about the problem when he got home that evening.  He tried troubleshooting for a couple of hours but it didn’t work.  Something was wrong with our air conditioning unit.  You see, its super hot here in Texas in the summer.  Staying cool at home is more comfortable and definitely ideal than going to the malls.

The next day my dear husband looked for a local Air Conditioning Repair and Installation service.  After checking out a few service providers, he found one that didn’t asked too much for the repair services.  The maintenance guy came promptly and looked at our air conditioning unit for problems.  Hubby thought he’ll need to replace the whole unit because it’s 10 years old.  After two days of servicing, the heating problem got fixed.  Ang guess what?  We didn’t have to replace the unit.  The problem was the motor.  So the service person recommended to replace the motor in the air conditioning unit.  Whew!  That was a relief.  We were very satisfied with the air conditioning repair and maintenance service.  Heating and cooling in our house is back to normal again.

I know that a problem will arise in the future (knock on wood), but I hope that it won’t be soon.  It is best to have the major repair done the soonest possible time than ignoring it because it will just lead to a bigger problem.  On the other hand, if you are saving money for your travel and vacation, save extra money for emergency needs.  Emergency needs include home repair and maintenance, and appliance and equipment replacement.

13 thoughts on “Save Money To Accommodate Your Home’s Repairs And Maintenance

  1. We also highly depend on our air conditioning units as it gets extremely hot here in Oman most of the year. You definitely need to have a budget set aside for emergency repairs as you can never know what might happen.

  2. I hate it when home maintenance hits me unexpectedly. It definitely takes a toll on my budget. It’s very important that you save some money for this.

  3. Home maintenance is definitely important. It should be on the top list for your emergency fund.

  4. I am thinking about buying a home in about a year. I am glad that I read this article because now I know I need to save a little extra for home emergencies. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great tips for saving money for homeowners. I used to put so much into repairs and maintenance of my home that I decided to give it to my daughter and rent an apartment. I’ll pass these tips on along to her.

  6. Reading this reminds me of myself a few summers ago… My AC decided to shut down on the hottest day. It always seems that when you think you’re ahead money wise, something pops up.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. It’s crazy when home projects hit you unaware! I totally agree that it’s so important to have an emergency savings for just these sorts of situations.

  8. Ours stopped last summer when I was pregnant! Luckily it was an easy fix and our repair guy told us how to do it to save us some money!

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