Complimentary Room Upgrade

The living area.
The living area.

And we are now in San Antonio, Texas.  My darling daughter is very excited that we are staying at La Quinta Inns & Suites.  I don’t know but she likes staying at La Quinta.  Anyway, after six hours long drive we arrived San Antonio safe and sound.  Although we had a disappointing experience along the way, still I am very much thankful for the safety.

The check-in time at the hotel was after 3:00 P.M. and we were still on the road.  So we called and told the hotel font desk staff that we will be late checking in.  We arrived at around 4:00 P.M. and headed directly to the front desk/check-in counter.  I thought the check-in would be fast and we expected to have our room ready since it was already way passed the check-in time.  But the room I reserved was not ready yet.  They were so behind with stuff.  The lobby was packed with guests waiting to check-in.  The front desk staff who’s helping my husband was very helpful though.  Within 10 minutes she got us checked-in.  Unexpectedly, they gave us a complimentary upgrade to King Executive Suite.  Paying the standard room rate…awesome.  The only thing I didn’t like is that we had to pay parking fee per day.  The staff said it’s a City Ordinance.  Oh well.

But I love our room.  🙂

Psych Up for Your Cycling Adventure

If you’ve planned a bike tour, you are probably psyched up to hit the road, but you’ll need to take some time to get ready. It takes approximately 12 weeks to get in optimum physical shape, so you can ride the roads easily during your trip. During those pre-journey weeks, you’ll need to commit to a weekly training schedule, eat the right foods, get enough rest, and gather your gear. Before you leave, you want to be rested, fit, and packed to go.

Plan to ride four days a week during your three months of pre-tour training. The length of your rides will depend on the intensity of your upcoming tour. If you will be riding 60 to 80 miles per day on your bike adventure, you’ll need to log more training miles than if you signed up for a moderate tour with 30 to 40 mile days. You should also cross train two days per week, and include exercises that will strengthen your core, such as planks, crunches, lateral squats, and lunges. One day per week should be devoted to rest, so your body can recover between workouts. With all that training, you’ll need to stay hydrated and consume foods and beverages containing sodium and electrolytes to replace what you lose through sweating.

There’s a lot of prep to be done before you hit the road, but it will be worth it! For more information on getting ready for your adventure, take a look at this infographic.

Psyched for Cycling: Preparing for a Bike Tour | Bicycle Adventures Infographic
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Tips For An Enjoyable Summer Vacation

At the beach.
At the beach. I love the beach.

It’s officially summer again!  Well, in some parts of the world.  Anyway, do you have any summer vacation plans yet?  It doesn’t matter if you are going on a month-long summer getaway or not.  What’s important is that you get at least a week of vacation to spend with your family or special someone.

Because summer is getting hotter and hotter, we cannot compromise our health and enjoyment.  So below are some of the most important tips to have an enjoyable summer vacation.

  • Decide where to go.  If you want to go to an island vacation, to the beach, or resort, better plan it ahead of time and decide immediately.  As we all know, hotels in these places get fully-booked immediately so the soonest you can make up your mind about vacationing here is the best.
  • Shop for airfare and hotel accommodations.  When you figure out the place for your vacation, it’s time to shop and compare airfare (if you are traveling international or domestic) and hotel accommodation prices.  It is always great to find cheap flights.
  • Do not overload.  The key to an enjoyable and satisfying travel and vacation is traveling lightly.  We want to wear what are light and comfortable and bring what are convenient to use.  My husband complains (sometimes) because I have so much stuff in my luggage that I ended up not useful at all. Don’t ever forget to bring sunscreen, lip balm, and a small first aid kit.
  • Take only the important things.  Yes I said that do not overload but don’t forget the important things also such as passports or ID, credit card, pocket money, keys, digital camera and memory card, cellphone, chargers, travel/booking confirmations, itinerary, and the like.

I hope that we all have a wonderful summer and always be safe.