Visit Your Local Parks And Zoo

Park with a pond.

It is Spring time again.  Yes.  We are very excited about new blooms in my garden in front of my house.  This is the time of the year when people are starting to go out and about.

Spring time is a great time to visit parks and zoos. During the Spring Break, kids and families go on trips out of town, out of state, out of the country, and even go on a cruise. A few of my friends went on a cruise this passed Spring Break. But one of the the most visited places is the zoo.

I haven’t been to the zoo since…I don’t know. I accompanied my cousin on his Field Trip to the Manila Zoo when he was in the second grade. I think that was in 1998. I was in my late teens then. I didn’t appreciate the trip at that time because I had to watch for my cousin to be sure he’s safe at all times. We didn’t have any photos because I didn’t have my own camera that time. And cellphones were still in the making at the time. So I didn’t have photos as souvenir from that trip.

When the time came that I was able to earn money and got to buy a digital camera, I took pictures whenever I get the chance.  So when my husband took me to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and Fort Worth Zoo, I took tons of pictures.  A camera is one of the important travel items to take with you anywhere you go. 🙂

At the zoo.
At the zoo.