Snorkeling Must-Have

Beautiful colors.
Beautiful colors.  Photo taken by my friend.

There are so many undersea creatures you can see when you are snorkeling.  Snorkeling is my favorite thing to do on vacation.  My husband and I did snorkeling most of the time during our vacation in Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  Besides being an enjoyable activity, snorkeling can also be a relaxing thing to do because you are seeing colorful fish and corals that will take you to a beautiful mood.

Snorkeling Gear

1.  Snorkel

2.  Life jacket

3. Googles

4. Water shoes


1.  Underwater camera

2.  Underwater video camera (if available)

Beautiful beaches all over the world have great snorkeling locations.  And Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines is one of them.