Planning A Trip To Charleston

The Citadel graduation invitation - Class 2015
The Citadel graduation invitation – Class 2015

In about a month or so, my husband’s nephew is graduating from The Citadel, The Military College Of South Carolina.  He’s taking a course in the navy.  And we are proud to say that he is in the Dean’s List.  He had successfully passed the job interview and he got an officer spot.

Almost all of the family wants to attend the graduation ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina.  Mom and Dad are going, too.  My husband is not 100% sure if he will be able to go because he said it’s hectic at work.  I would like to go.  But the problem is, the work schedule at my part time job doesn’t come until the 25th of this month.  My boss is a flight attendant and she travels most of the time.

Mom and Dad are currently planning their trip to Charleston.  They are also planning to rent a car because Mom and sister-in-law are going on a road trip since Dad is flying.  So Dad wants to know our response as soon as possible if we are going or not.  Because of my work schedule coming late, I want my husband to attend his nephew’s graduation ceremony.  He has to make his decision very soon.