Fun Activities To Do In Summer

There is not much you can do in the Spring when it comes to recreation.  But in the summer, everyone is very excited to be near the water or in the water.  Nothing beats the serenity and enjoyment you can get when vacationing at the beach or by the lake.

Since we are living close to the lakes here in Texas, here are few recreation ideas to do:

Boating – Some residents own a boat so whenever possible, they come to the lake for boating leisure.  Some go on a fishing adventure or just swim.

Camping – If you are adventurous, camping by the lake is also a nice outdoor activity.  This can be done with the family, friends, groups, or clubs.  It is always safe to camp with a company.

Picnic – There are picnic areas by the lake that people can take advantage with.  It’s always fun to hold picnics and summer parties at the lake.  Lots of tables and benches with roof are ready to occupy.  There are also trash cans provided so we can keep the picnic area and the lake clean at all times.

Jet Skiing – Those who own jet skis can do jet skiing, too.  It’s great to do in the hot summer sun.

Fishing – Besides boating, fishing is also a fun thing to do at the lake.  My husband and I are planning to go fishing this summer.  Fishing gears can be bought at your favorite sports and outdoors store.

11 thoughts on “Fun Activities To Do In Summer

  1. All great examples of water sports for the summer. I’m not much of a water sports gal, so I’ll sit back and watch.

  2. I can’t wait for summer to come. Anyway, these activities really look great! Will try these activities since my family is the outdoorsy type.

  3. I wish my sweetie liked to go camping. I did so a couple times in college and enjoyed it. I guess with all the crazies out there, it’s probably not as safe as it used to be. We do plan on doing more water activities though, like renting a small boat and kayaking.

  4. Summer activities are coming soon now. Hurrah for it too! I love summer.

  5. I would love to do all those things! I’m having my baby in April so hopefully next year I can get some outdoor fun in!

  6. The only one on that list that our family would do is go for a picnic. We will be at the beach all summer.

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