Best Snowmobile Trails

Winter weather brings thoughts of snowmobile rides through the snow, but not all areas of the country get a lot of snowfall. Therefore, many snowmobile enthusiasts seek vacation spots where they can travel across the snow, take in breathtaking beauty and enjoy the great outdoors. These trails have been rated some of the best in the United States for snowmobile lovers.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Michigan is home to more than 3,000 miles of snowmobile trails and towns located in the Upper Peninsula actually cater to snowmobilers. The season begins in early December and normally lasts through late spring. Newberry, in particular, is ranked highly among snowmobilers. Located in an area known as the Snow Belt due to the large amounts of lake effect snow they receive each year, Newberry offers many trails through the miles of state and national forests that surround it.

West Yellowstone, Montana

Many snowmobilers call West Yellowstone the “Snowmobile Capital of the World.” The area gets about 150 inches of snowfall each year and riders should prepare for breathtaking cold as they view some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Riders enjoy scenic trails through the area which is next to Yellowstone National Park. West Yellowstone offers fun rides without the restrictions that exist in Yellowstone. The season begins in late October and runs through spring.

Wyoming Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail

Considered the number one trail in the west, the Wyoming Continental Divide trail offers spectacular views and is considered a “must-do” for every snowmobile lover. There are several different trails that make up the CDST, including the Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Pinedale, Wind River Country and Yellowstone National Park. Grand Teton National Park offers views of the soaring granite peaks of the Grand Tetons while Jackson offers views of the glistening Snake River. Pinedale is a snowmobilers dream with the possibility of long rides with breathtaking scenery on groomed and ungroomed snow. Wind River Country brings back the feel of the Old West, letting riders travel in the footsteps of early explorers. Yellowstone National Park allows you to travel past bison and trumpeter swans, although there are snowmobile restrictions in the park.

These snowmobile trails have been consistently ranked as the best in the country by snowmobile enthusiasts. Find out more about the wilderness in this beautiful country by visiting some of these wonderful trails on your next snowmobile vacation.

Are You Ready For Spring?

Texas Bluebonnets at Mallard Park Lavon, Texas
Texas Bluebonnets at Mallard Park Lavon, Texas

Now that we already had snow, winter in Texas is already complete. 🙂  I am ready for warm weather and I can’t wait to visit parks for picnics and capturing photos with the Bluebonnets.  Spring time is in two weeks.  Spring break is next week.  I bet kids and parents can’t wait to go somewhere for a Spring Break Vacation.

My friend mentioned to me that she will be taking her kids to a week-long vacation during Spring break.  She asked if I will be able to watch for their pet pug while they’re gone.  We haven’t talked much about their vacation plans yet but she said she will let me know very soon.


Finding Your Best Worker’s Comp Attorney

Through no fault of your own, you were injured on your job site during the course of fulfilling your job requirements. The pain is unbearable, but worse yet, your employers seem hesitant to back you up with time off for doctor visits, accrued monies or even encouragement. What do you do now?

You seek the services of a legal representative and defend the rights which you are entitled to under the laws of workmen’s compensation. But before you do, you’ll need to know some facts about your legal counsel such as:

Their proven track record.

Family, friends and other co-workers no doubt have had to resort to workmen’s compensation at some time or another. How satisfied were they as far as settling their claims? A qualified attorney knows how best to represent their client and defend their rights to their utmost; moreover, a satisfied client will pass on his experiences by word-of-mouth.

Their professional standing and recognition.

Easily recognized by others in their field, your attorney should typically appear in several association or organization journals. They may also be in Who’s Who in American Law or Who’s Who of Contemporary Achievement.

Furthermore, they should display their membership in legal/professional Associations such as the Bar Association-at the state and local level, American Bar Association, Association of Worker’s Compensation and the Association of trial lawyers. Also helpful would be to know their present legal standing or status.

Their educational background.

What universities did they graduate from and when. What degrees were they awarded.

Transparency about their experience in legal cases.

Information in areas of specialty such as social security disability, immigration and workmen’s compensation should always be accessible to those needing help in certain areas.

Today, through the lightning-fast dynamics of the Internet, much of what you need to know in securing the services of a legal representative are easily available via online legal directories, news media outlets and even legally related blogs in many cases. Through online sources, you’ll soon discover your choices for finding an attorney are almost limitless. However, your choice must be a wise one…

The Internet is full of distinguished, reputable and ethical attorneys waiting to serve your best interests. Reading their profile pages, such as those about James P. Hoffman, PA, you will be able to select the best choice for your particular situation–be it workman’s comp cases or whatever area you need help in. Harnessing the technological medium of the Internet, your search be may as close as the click of your computer’s mouse.