3 Things to Know About Bimini Tops for Your Boat

Bimini tops are canvas tops that feature an open-front, and are used to protect the cockpit of your boat. Most Bimini tops are supported by a metal frame and can be collapsed when not in use, and easily raised again, as needed. Unlike dodgers, Bimini’s don’t include protection in the front and back (whereas dodgers do). As such, you’d use a Bimini top to protect yourself from the sun, mostly, or from the rain in a stationary position. It offers you no protection from wind, spray or rain if you’re moving forward at any speed. If you believe that you’re in the market for a Bimini top, then here are the 3 things you should know before making your purchase.

  1. Beware inferior materials. Don’t be fooled by other Bimini tops on the market. There are a great number of Bimini tops out there that are lower priced, yet that likely means that they are inferior in quality. You want to avoid tops with wire hooks or plastic eye straps. Those are key stress points and require high-quality fittings to ensure that your top retains its integrity.
  2. Know how to choose the right top. The Bimini top you choose will depend on the needs of your boat. First you want to determine which portion of your boat you want the top to cover. Then determine where you want your top mounted. Measure the width between these two points. Then, stand inside your boat and measure the height from the mounting points to your desired height. This will help you determine the exact dimensions of your Bimini top.
  3. The fabric. Make sure you purchase a Bimini top that’s made out of durable fabric designed to handle the type of wear and tear it’ll endure on a daily basis. Solution-dyed polyester is a popular choice, as that means the colors of your top are a part of the polyester fiber, rather than a dye. This will help retain the color of your top for years. Also, be sure that the fabric offers exceptional water repellency while still maintaining a level of breathability.

Your boat is an important investment, and as such you want to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. But you also want to protect yourself and your passengers from the discomfort of the sun without being stuck with a bulky top. That’s why so many people look at Bimini tops for the answer. Boatique offers the best in Bimini tops throughout Australia. See their offering online at http://www.boatique.net.au/.